Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I be sure that my credit card information is secure?
    You can tell when you're in a secure area because the URL (Internet address shown on top of most browsers), to the left of the colon, changes from 'http' to 'https' - this is to signify that you are going from a non-secure to a secure site. In many browsers you'll also see a solid blue line in the upper portion of the browser's window. used Network Solutions® SiteSafe™ 128-bit encrypted SSL technology to ensure your personal data is protected. This includes Network Solutions® SiteSafe™ limited Guarantee to provide our visitors with assurance that our site is a safe place to transact online business. This guarantee is payable to our Web site visitors, relying on your SiteSafe services, who incur losses resulting directly from an online credit card transaction as a result of a mis-issued SiteSafe SSL Certificate or Site Confirm Seal. This guarantee is limited to $1,000 per transaction, and the aggregate guarantee amount per security service is based on the following: server authentication, privacy using encryption, and data integrity.
  • I have never used your service before, how do I know this site is safe?
    Our site is scanned by Hacker Safe on a daily basis to insure that we have a reliable, safe, secure website for everyone. To learn more about HackerSafe, click on the HackerSafe logo on our website or visit,
  • How do I Schedule a pick-up for transportation TO and airport?
    Simply select One-way TO Airport, enter your Flight date/time, Flight type and number passengers. You will have a choice between several shuttle providers and the ability to select our "Suggested" pickup-time or enter a specific pickup time on your own.
  • I do not see the city I need service to/from or the Hotel name I need to be picked up or dropped off at?
    We are working very hard to include more cities and Hotel destinations. Please leave us feedback or call us at 877-716-2520 and we can provide you with an instant quote for your specific city.
  • What is the Pay Now Deposit, Pay Later, Service Fee and Total Pricing?
    Your Pay Now Deposit is a percentage of the total fare, which we collect to guarantee your reservation. This is only a deposit and the Pay Later amount is what you will owe upon the completion of your ride. The service fee is a small fee we charge you to process your reservation online. The total pricing is total cost of the transportation you requested plus our small service fee.
  • My flight changed - how do I go about changing my reservation?
    Please contact the Customer Service at 1-877-716-2520 and we will be happy to arrange for a reservation that correlates with your new schedule. Please submit changes minimum 48 hours prior to your reservation date.
  • My flight is delayed. Do I need to contact anyone to let them know to hold my Shuttle reservation?
    No, your flight is monitored for delays and you will be picked up accordingly. If you have booked transportation with a company that offer scheduled airport pickups, you can refer to your reservation confirmation to see the frequency. Typically shuttles leave the airport every 15-30 minutes.
  • I only want one-way transportation. How do I book this?
    Some of our shuttle providers only offer one-way or roundtrip transfers. Please make sure that you purchase the appropriate transfer for your trip. If your provider offers one-way transportation, simply check the box that says One-way TO Airport or One-Way FROM Airport and enter your date of travel.
  • Do I have to make my booking online?
    It is recommended but if you have any trouble please call Customer Service at 1-877-716-2520 and a representative will assist you.
  • Is there a fee associated with this service?
    Yes. There is a service fee. However the transportation rates have no hidden fees associated with purchasing service through our website.
  • What shuttle company specifically will pick me up?
    You have a selection of not only multiple vehicle types (shared-ride shuttle, sedan, limo, SUV) but also multiple transportation companies, insuring you receive the lowest possible rate and greatest amount of options of services. Therefore, you decided which shuttle company you want to make a reservation with.
  • Where do I go to catch the shuttle once I've made a purchase?
    Follow the instructions on your confirmation receipt once you have made your shuttle purchase on The directions will vary by airport location, but will usually be located near the passenger pick-up areas outside of baggage claim. You may be required to phone a reservation for your shuttle. which will be indicated on the confirmation once it is purchased.
  • Can I cancel the reservation if I cancel my flight?
    Yes, please contact the Customer Service at 1-877-716-2520. Cancellations made 24 hours in advance receive full refunds. A NO SHOW will result in a full charge of the quoted fare and gratuity on your credit card.
  • Is my credit card charged immediately upon booking my reservation?
    Yes. The merchant of record on your credit card will show Parking Access, LLC our parent company. You are only charged a small percentage of the total fare, plus our service fee, and will owe the transportation company the balance upon the completion of your trip.
  • Will the shuttle pick me up at my home and take me to the airport?
    Yes, many of our providers offer door-to-door service from home/office to the airport as well as service from the airport to your home or office. Many providers specialize in hotel pickup and drop-offs, so please make sure before making a reservation you select a company that has pickup and drop-offs at residential and business addresses.
  • What is a shared-ride service?
    A shared-ride is an economical transportation option that allows passengers heading in the same geographic direction to save money by traveling together.
  • What is a private shuttle van?
    If you or your party would rather travel alone, you have the option of selecting a exclusive shuttle van with flat rates to and from the airport. This is a non-shared, non stop transportation service. Highly recommend if traveling with over 3 people.
  • Who can I call for Lost & Found?
    For lost items please call us at the 877-716-2520