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Long Island, NY SuperShuttle 

Super Shuttle

Whether you’re flying in or out of John F. Kennedy International Airport, LaGuardia International Airport or Newark International Airport, travel in and out of New York, specifically Long Island, is typically quite expensive, unless you travel with SuperShuttle. Taxicab drivers usually charge a large flat rate to drive to or from an airport to Long Island because they cannot be certain that they’ll pick up a fare on the return journey. SuperShuttle uses an advanced and automated dispatch system so that not only are you picked up on time, be it from your home, office or the airport, but that routes are completed efficiently. Hiring a car or limousine, instead of SuperShuttle, to travel from Long Island to an airport is even more expensive than a taxicab because the limo driver is even less likely to have a return fare. In addition, private cars and limousines often come with a degree of luxury. SuperShuttle may not mean riding in the lap of luxury to the airport, but the money saved could mean adding a bit more luxury to another portion of your trip, or to your savings account. Another benefit of SuperShuttle is that because it’s a shared ride system, the cost is proportionately split between you and your fellow passengers. You can save even more money by reserving your seat online with, who has teamed up with SuperShuttle to enhance your travel experience.